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    Having trouble logging into Argo? Here are instructions that will help activate your account and get you signed in so can take advantage of all Argo's navigation and social features.

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    This tutorial will walk you through setting up your profile and adding your boat info so that Argo’s features, such as autorouting Autoroute Icon, can work properly.

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    Learn all the different options you can use to customize your map specifically to your needs.

  • yacht club icon

    Learn about all of the icons on your Argo map including location icons.

  • routing icon

    Argo's autoroute feature will automatically create a quick and safe route for you based off of your boat's draft.

  • manual icon

    If there’s no depth data in your area or if you want to plot your own route, then you can use Argo’s manual routing option.

  • download offline charts

    Download charts anywhere in North America to use offline if connectivity is lost while on the water.

  • take voyage icon

    Once you have created a route, you can navigate to your destination and get important trip information updated for you along the way.

  • tracking icon

    You can let Argo record your track without having to start a voyage and get trip information along the way, such as time, distance, average speed and estimated fuel used.

  • captains log icon

    Save your favorite places and voyages for later with Argo's Captain's Log.

  • weather

    Get the current marine weather, wind and tide information for your location or a forecast of what may be coming your way.

  • search icon

    Argo's search feature makes it easy to find places on the water. Use the feature at home to plan future trips or while on the water to find your next destination.

  • reviews icon

    Let other boaters know your opinion about local marinas, restaurants, dock bars, and more. With everyone's input it'll be easier than ever to find new destinations recommended by fellow boaters.

  • preview places icon

    Explore places on Argo's map and tap on them for more options. Here we'll review everything you can do from the Place Details screen.

  • places icon

    You can add a place anywhere on Argo's map. Privately log of your favorite destinations or add places that Argo is missing.

  • report pin icon

    Argo’s crowdsourced report pins help you get the most up-to-date information about boating hazards, map issues, sea life and more.

  • location indicator

    Users can add and connect with friends using Argo. Once you've added your friends, you can send messages and share experiences on your social feed.

  • friends icon

    Users can add and connect with friends using Argo. Once you've added your friends, you can send messages and share experiences on your social feed.

  • group icon

    Users can create and join private and public groups using Argo. Once you’ve joined a group, you can easily see fellow members on the water and share planned routes, trips, places and experiences on your group feed.

  • other boaters icon

    See friends and other Argo boaters on your map. Connect and share with them while out on the water.

  • messages icon

    Connect with other boaters on and off the water using Argo’s Message and Ahoy features.

  • social feed icon

    You can share photos, videos, voyages, places and more with your friends on your social feed.

  • notification icon

    This tutorial will walk you through how to view your notifications and set up push notification settings so you only get notified when you want to.

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    Having trouble logging back into Argo? If you used email to create an account, then you may want to try resetting your password.



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