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Save your favorite places and voyages for later with Argo’s Captain’s Log.

Open Your Captain’s Log

Press the Captain's Log icon in Argo’s bottom menu.

Save Routes and Voyages to Your Captain’s Log

Planned voyages or routes are saved to your Captain’s Log by pressing Save Route after creating a route.  Taken voyages are saved to your Captain’s Log after starting your voyage by pressing Save Voyage.

Open Captains Log

View Your Saved Voyages

After pressing the Captain's Log icon Argo will automatically open up to the Voyages tab. Use the search bar at the top to search for a specific voyage.

Favorite Voyages

Tap on the Heart to favorite a voyage, route or track. The Heart icon will become blue, as shown at right for the first voyage, once it is favorited.

Download Voyages (Premium Only)

Tap on the Download icon to download a voyage, route or track to your local device for offline use. The Download icon will become blue, as shown at right for the first route, once it is downloaded.

View Captains Log

Filter and Sort Voyages

Tap on the filter Map Filter Icon icon at the top to get multiple filter and sort options. Organize and view the voyages however you like using these options.

Filter Captains Log

View Voyage Details

Tap on a specific voyage to view more information about it. Check out the route, track, distance, duration and any report pins dropped or photos taken along the way.

Expand Map

Click on the icon in the lower right of the map to maximize the map and get a better view of the voyage. Click on the minimize icon icon to minimize the map.

Take Voyage

Tap on the route, track or voyage you want to take. Within the voyage details, tap on the Take Voyage icon. For tracks, it will convert the track to a route that can then be used for a return trip or a future trip.

View Voyage Details

Edit or Delete Voyages

Tap on the voyage you want to edit, tap the in the upper right-hand corner and press Edit. You can change the voyage name, description, and start and end locations. Be sure to save your changes.  To delete a voyage, tap the log button or from the list view pull the voyage entry to the right and tap on the trash can.

Add Photos

Scroll to the bottom of the voyage details and press Add Photos or tap the in the upper right-hand corner and press Add Photos.

Edit Voyages

Add a New Voyage

You can add a planned or taken voyage from within the Captain’s Log by tapping on the icon found on the bottom right-hand corner of the Voyages tab. Press Save after you’ve added all of the voyage details.

Normally you don’t have to manually add voyages in the manner described above. Taken voyages are automatically saved to your Captain’s Log after starting your voyage by pressing Save Voyage. Planned voyages or routes are saved to your Captain’s Log by pressing Save Route after creating a route.

add new voyages

View Your Saved Places

Tap on the Places tab in the top of the Captain’s Log. Tap on a specific place to view more information about it.

Search for a Specific Place

Use the search bar at the top to search.

view places

Save or Log Places

Find the place using the search bar on Argo’s main screen (tutorial here). Once you’ve found the place, tap on the log Captain's Logicon. The log Captain's Logicon will become blue, as shown at right, once it is saved.

Note: Public places are simply bookmarked to your Captain’s Log. If you delete them from your log they will still exist on the map.

Add a Place

Edit or Delete Places

You can only edit and delete Private Places.  Open the place by tapping on it from within the Places tab of your Captain’s Log. Then press the in the upper right-hand corner. A menu will drop down and you can choose to Edit or Add Photos. On the edit screen, there’s also a button that allows you delete the place entirely.

You cannot edit Public Places, but you can add reviews and in the future add photos.

edit custom places

Remove a Voyage or Place

Pull the voyage or place entry to the right until you see a red trash can appear like the one shown in the image at right. Tap on the trash can to remove the voyage or place. This removes them from your Captain’s Log.  To remove a private place from both your Captain’s Log and map see above, Edit or Delete Places.

Remove a Place

Share a Voyage or Place

Tap on the voyage or place you want to share in your Captain’s Log to open up the details screen. From here press the Share Icon . Then you can add a caption and post it to your Argo social feed.

Soon you’ll be able to share your voyages and places to your other social media accounts.

Share Voyages Places