Project Description

See friends and other Argo boaters on your map. Choose who can see you and how much information they can see in your User Location Settings. Connect with other local boaters and see each other out on the water.

Who Can You See?

Explore the map to see friends and other boaters who have been active within the past hour. If you don’t see anyone that doesn’t mean that there’s no boaters around you – it just means that no one was active on Argo within the past hour.

Tap on their icon to pull up more information to see their name, boat name (if available) and send them a Message or Ahoy.

who can see you

Friends on Your Map

Friends will show up as their profile picture boater profile picture on your map. Tap on their picture on the left to view their profile.

If you are interested in seeing the ETA of your friends when enroute just have them turn on their ETA Sharing within User Location Settings.

friends on map

Other Boaters on Your Map

Other boaters will appear either as their profile picture or a captain’s hat, depending on their privacy settings.

Boaters who have chosen to remain anonymous (Friends Only) will show up as a captain’s hat. When you tap on the hat you will not be able to see their profile, but you can send them an Ahoy or Message Request.

Boaters who have chosen to be public will appear on your map as their profile picture and when you tap on their picture you’ll be able to see their non-friend profile. From there you can send them an Ahoy, Message Request or Friend Request.

other boaters

Hide Boaters From Your Map

Too many friends or anonymous boaters on your map? Open the Map Options Map Filter Icon, found on Argo’s Home screen.  Choose Boaters.  Here you have the option to toggle “Friends” and/or “Other Boaters” on and off.

Learn more about how to open and use map customization filters in this tutorial.

hide boater options

Privacy Settings

There are three options for privacy, which are explained in the photo at right (and in the app under User Location Settings).

To open User Location Settings, go to Argo’s settings tab by tapping the menu three dot icon from Argo’s Home screen and choosing Settings. From here choose User Location Settings. You’ll be given the three options shown at right. You can change your selection at any time.

If you choose to be shown on the map, you will only be visible for one hour after you were last active.

If you would like your friends to see your ETA when on a voyage just turn on your ETA Sharing.

Privacy Settings