Having trouble logging into Argo? Here are instructions that will help activate your account and get you signed in so can take advantage of all Argo’s navigation and social features.

Choose Sign In Method

After opening up the Argo app, you can choose to sign in using one of 4 methods: Apple, Google or Email. Upon signing in for the first time an account will be set up linked to your email address. You should use the same method/email address each time. Signing in using a different method/email address will establish another account.

Note: Signing in via Email Sign In requires you to enter account information along with receiving and accepting a confirmation email.

account login

Create Account (Email Sign In Only)

Press Sign in with Email. At the bottom of the screen, press Create an Account. Enter your name, email and password. The password should contain 8 or more characters, at least one number, and one capital letter. When finished, press Sign Up.

email login

Email Confirmation

For Email Sign In, a confirmation email will be sent to you upon filling out the account information. You must follow the instructions in the email before your account is activated. Once activated go back to the Sign In screen and enter your email and password.

Note: If you do not receive the confirmation email you can try again, but an alternative is to reset your password or sign in using one of the other methods (Apple or Google). You can also contact us or send us an email at support@argonav.io.


Signing into Argo

Email Sign In will require you to enter your email and password. Signing in with Apple or Google will prompt you for your required account info and sign you in automatically.

Note: Argo will not sign you out as long as you have used the app in the past 30 days.

signing in

Delete Account

Tap the menu icon, found in the top right corner of Argo’s Home screen, and choose Account from the list of options. Then tap Delete Account. To complete the process, indicate why you are deleting your account and tap Delete My Account.

Note: You will have 10 days to restore your account before all of your data are removed, including saved voyages, places, favorites, report pins, messages and social posts.

delete account screen