You can share photos, videos, voyages, places and more with your friends on your social feed. Browse your social feed to see where friends have been and to get ideas for destinations to visit next. Add Argo’s founder, Jeff Foulk, as a friend and check out his social feed to see what new features the Argo team is cooking up!

Open Your Social Feed

Tap the icon in Argo’s bottom menu.

open social feed

Create a Post

Tap Create a Post at the top of the page to start creating your post. You can add text, photos, videos and links.

create post

Add Text to Your Post

Tap What’s happening? at the top of the page to start typing.

create post

Add Photos to Your Post

Tap the icon at the bottom of the page to add photos from your phone’s library. Tap the icon to take a photo and add it to your post.

Tap Post in the upper right-hand corner when finished.

add images to your post

Share a Voyage

To share a voyage…

  1. Go to your Captain’s Log Captain's Log and select Voyages in the top menu.
  2. Tap on the voyage you want to share.
  3. Press the Share button .
  4. Two options will pop up at the bottom of your screen – choose Create Post.
  5. Add a description and then press Post. The voyage will now be shown on your social feed!
share voyage

Share a Place

To share a place, open the Place Details using one of the following methods:

  • tap a place pin on the map
  • use Search to find a place
  • select a place in your Captain’s LogCaptain's Log(if you’ve previously saved it)

Once you’ve opened the Place Details, tap the Share button . Choose Create Post in the bottom menu that appears. Add a description and then hit Post in the upper right-hand corner to share the place to your feed.

share place

Like or Comment on a Post

To like a friend’s post, tap the Thumbs Up icon under the post. To comment, tap the Comment icon.

View Ahoys

Open the Ahoys tab, found on the top menu of Argo’s Messages screen.

Incoming and outgoing Ahoys will be listed under the Ahoys tab along with the date of the last Ahoy. If you have received an Ahoy you can choose to get info about this boater by tapping on their profile icon. You can also Ahoy back by tapping on the Ahoy Back button. Finally, you can message one another by tapping on the Message button.

view ahoys