Argo’s autoroute feature will automatically create a quick and safe route for you based off of your boat’s draft. It’s important to make sure your boat information is properly set up in your Profile before using autoroute because Argo uses the boat’s draft and buffer to make sure the route is deep enough for your boat.

To plot your own route, use manual routing mode

Press Navigate Button

Found in the top menu. Then tap the Route button Take Voyage Icon. You can also tap any place pin on the map and then choose “Create Route” Take Voyage Icon from the place details screen.

open routing

Set Autoroute Mode

In the bottom left corner there is a toggle with options and . Make sure that the option with the “A” is toggled on (colored blue). The app will remain in the mode last used, but you can change it at any time.

If you want to plot your own route or if Argo does not have depth data for your area, choose the for manual routing mode. Learn more about manual routing here.

autoroute mode toggle

Select Start and Destination Points

Tap the map once, it sets your start point. Tap a second time, it sets your destination and creates the route.

You can tap icons on the map, such as a marina, boat ramp or even a buoy as a start or destination point for your route.

You can also Search for a place or select from Home Port Port of Origin Icon, History History Icon, Favorites Favorites Icon, Choose on Map Choose on Map Icon or Enter Coordinates coordinates.

Note: If you are on the water, Argo will use your current location as the starting point. If you prefer a different location, once the preview screen has loaded tap on My Location and choose a new location.

start and destination points

Preview/Customize the Route

Check out the duration, distance, ETA (Estimated Arrival Time) and estimated fuel usage.

The Edit Boat Info icon allows you change your boat’s profile and updates the route and associated information on this screen.

The Route Settings icon allows you change your settings to route inside (avoid ocean) or outside.

Tap on the Swap Icon icon to swap the Start and Destination Points.

preview autoroute

Make Sure the Route is Safe

Argo color codes the route based on whether it is safe for your boat to pass. Make sure to zoom in.

  • Green – Proceed
    The water’s depth is safely above your draft and the buffer you have set up in your Profile Profile Icon.
  • Yellow- Caution
    The depth is within your buffer (margin of safety).
  • Red – Do Not Proceed
    The depth is less than your draft. Argo can’t find a safe route.
safe routing

Save the Route

If you don’t want to take a voyage right now, you can save the route to your Captain’s Log to take later. Press the Save Route button, add a title and a description for the route, then Save & Exit and it’ll be added to your Captain’s Log.

save route

Start the Voyage

If you want to take the voyage, press Start Voyage Button. For more details on taking a voyage check out the Voyage tutorial. If you don’t want to save the route to your Captain’s Log, tap the back arrow in the upper left to go back to the Home screen.

start voyage button