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Argo is a FREE easy-to-use navigation and social boating app that helps you find and route to new destinations, share local knowledge, and connect with other boaters.

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Customized Chart Data

You control what you see on your map. From map data to points of interest you are in control!

Navigation Capability

Find and route to new destinations within the U.S. and Canada with our clean, easy-to-use interface.

Community-Focused Boating

Get local boating knowledge and share your experiences with friends in your social feed.

IMG-4784 How Do You Argo

How Do You Argo?

“I was taking my family down to the Keys for the first time and I wanted to plot the course ahead of time because there are a lot of dangerous waters where depth can go from 5-6 feet to 6 inches within seconds. Most of that is sand but there are some rocks. So I downloaded a bunch of apps to try to get an idea. My driving force was: could I open it and scroll around with the ease and speed of Google maps, and did it have the things I needed?”

Captain’s Log

Automatically save places you’ve visited or trips you have taken. Add reports, places, photos and comments along the way. Then share with friends and family so they can see where you went or follow your same route.

Argo Boating App Captain's Log

Popular Destinations

Find the best spots to visit on or near the water with recommendations from other boaters. Places are continually updated with reviews, current pictures, descriptions and comments. These include local beaches, anchorages, marinas, restaurants, dock bars and more.

Argo Boating App Destination Description

Real-Time Reporting

Get the latest on water hazards, weather and other potential issues to put you on the safest route. Create your own or comment on other reports to ensure accuracy. Customize your map so you only see pins that are most important to you.

Argo Boating App Report Pins

Connect with Boaters

Connect with other boaters by adding your current friends and meeting new ones. Message them on the water, create or comment on a post, and share your trips and experiences with the boating community.

Argo Boating App Social Feed


“Best Boating App”

This marine navigation app is the easiest & amazingly totally free! Give it a try, I know you’ll agree the ease of use and clean interface will meet your needs.


“Perfect App!!”

Everything I really wanted for a simple GPS-based smartphone app with nautical chart integration. Highly recommend!


“User Friendly”

Love the app! Easy to learn, visually clear with several layout options for customizing info, terrain views, etc.


“Best New Boating App”

I love the intuitive autorouting function and my wife enjoys the social/community features for connecting with other boating friends.

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