Let other boaters know your opinion about local marinas, restaurants, dock bars, and more. With everyone’s input it’ll be easier than ever to find new destinations recommended by fellow boaters.

Note: The abilities to add photos to your reviews, sort reviews, and like reviews will be added in the future.

Explore Places

Find places by using Argo’s search feature or tapping icons on the map. You can see the average rating and number of reviews below the place’s name in the Place Peview (lower drawer).

see reviews on places

Read Reviews

To read the place’s reviews either tap on the review count on the Place Preview or pull up the grey bar to see the full Place Details screen. You may need to scroll down as reviews will be at the bottom.

Read Reviews

Write Reviews

Press the Write a Review Button. Press Submit once you’ve added a rating and description.

Write Reviews

Edit or Delete Your Review

Press the icon to the right of your review to open the options menu at the bottom of the screen. Choose whether to Edit or Delete your review.

Edit or Delete Review