Explore places on Argo’s map and tap on them for more information and features. Here we’ll review everything you can do from the Place Preview and Place Details screen.

Tap on a Place

Tap on the place icons on your map to pull up a Place Preview. You can also use Argo’s search to find places.

Explore Places

Preview the Place

In the Place Preview screen (lower drawer) you can see the place’s name, distance away from you, and rating (if available). Tap the rating to read and add reviews.

Press the buttons to create a route Autoroute Icon, add it to your favorites , save it to your Captain’s Log save to captains log button, or share it to your Social Feed Share Icon.

Explore Places

View the Place Details

To learn more about the place, pull up on the grey bar on the preview screen to open the full screen. In the full display, you may also find a description about the place, contact details, address, website, photos and reviews.

You can add a review here as well.