Looking for fuel, a place to eat or somewhere to dock? Argo’s search feature makes it easy to find places on the water. Use the feature at home to plan future trips or while on the water to find your next destination. You can search for place by name or categories of places (i.e. restaurants in the area). Watch the video below for a quick overview or read on for more details.

Position Map & Press Navigate Button

Position the map, press the Navigate button, then tap the Search button Search Icon. The search will find places anywhere in North America, but will display them first based on where the map is positioned. The distance shown is from your current location.

Navigation button

Search for a Place

You can search for a specific place by typing in its name or tap on a category to see all places in that category. Scroll left or right to view more categories. You can also use a category and keywords for more specific results.

Argo will load results listed by distance from you (or where the map is positioned). If it’s not on the list, keep scrolling. You can also tap on the Map View icon to bring up the map view and see the results on the map.

If you’re searching for a place that’s not close by, it may not show up high on the list. You can reposition the main map before tapping Search or select the map view, move the map to that area, and then press Search this Area.”

search options

View Results on the Map

To view the results on the map, press the map view Map View icon in the upper right hand corner. Once you’re in map view, you can adjust the position of the list by pulling the grey bar (above the list) up or down.

You can also press the list view List View icon to go back to the full list view.

search map

Explore Result Pins

Tap on a Result Pin to view the name of the place and it’s address. Tap on the result box and the Place Details will be brought up.

search explore pins

Search Other Areas of the Map

If you’re looking for a place that’s not close by, move the map to the area you want to search and tap “Search this Area.”

search explore areas

Preview Places

The initial preview screen displays the place’s rating and the direct distance away. It also gives options to create a route to the place, add it to your favorites, save it to your Captain’s Log for later or share it on your social feed.

To learn more about the place, pull up on the grey bar above the place’s name to open the full screen. In the full display, you may find a description about the place, contact details, address, website and photos.