This tutorial will walk you through setting up your profile and adding your boat info so that autorouting will work properly for your boat.

Open Your Argo Profile

Tap the menu icon, found in the top right corner of Argo’s Home screen Home Screen Icon, and choose My Profile from the list of options.

profile menu

Add Your Profile Info

Tap on the Edit Icon‘s to change your username, add a profile picture, add your boat info, and set up your interests.

Note: Boat Info has 2 required fields (Boat Name and Boat Type).


Why Add Your Boat Info?

Having your boat name and boat type helps identify you on the water. Argo also needs the following information in order for the autorouting to run properly:

  • Draft and Buffer – Argo uses the boat’s draft and buffer (margin of safety above your draft) to create safe color-coded routes for your boat.
  • Estimated Average Speed – Argo uses to calculate an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).
  • Estimated Fuel/Power Usage – Argo uses to calculate an estimate of fuel or electric used.
  • Home Port – Add your Home Port Port of Origin Icon to your profile to make creating routes easier.
profile boat settings

Want Details on Boat Info Fields?

Tap the question Icon icon to get more info on the boat info fields and how they are used by the app.

  • Buffer
    The buffer is used to provide a safety margin above your draft for autorouting. Route color is yellow if within your buffer and alerts you that water depth is getting close to your draft. Default (and recommended) – 5 ft (1.5 m).
  • Height
    Height is measured from the waterline to the highest part of the boat and is used to help navigate and alert you of bridges with low clearance.
boat detail fields screen


Add Multiple Boats to Your Profile

Within your profile you can easily add and edit multiple boat’s that you own or use. You can also indicate which of these boat’s is your primary or selected boat and this boat will automatically be moved to the top of the list.

The selected boat will be the one used for creating routes, taking voyages or recording tracks. When creating a route or viewing routes in your Captain’s Log you can also change the boat associated with the route.

multiple boats

Add Affiliations

Add marinas and clubs that you are affiliated with in order for you to more easily find other Argo boaters with the same affiliations. This will help you find and add friends.


Set Up Your Interests

Choose from a variety of interests – ranging from fishing and water skiing to boat mechanics. Argo will use this info to find fun boating opportunities for you.

complete route

Manage Your Report & Place Pins

To help you manage your Report Pins, we have added them to your Argo profile. Here you can review, edit, delete or even see comments left by other boaters on your pins.

Place Pins have also been added to your profile, allowing you to edit, delete or add photos to your Private and suggested Public place pins.

manage places