Download charts for offline use for when you lose connectivity while on the water. With downloaded charts, Argo seamlessly goes into “offline mode” without losing access to critical chart data like depth numbers, depth shading and navigational aids, eliminating any connectivity concerns on the water.

Upgrade to Premium

To download charts for offline use you must first upgrade to the Premium version. Tap the menu icon, found in the top right corner of Argo’s Home Screen, and choose Unlock Premium Features.

settings unlock premium


Download First Offline Chart

Tap the menu icon, found in the top right corner, and choose Download Offline Charts screen. Then tap Download New Chart, edit the chart name, select download area and press the Download button.

Note: Once completed you will be able to see the area you have downloaded and the size of the file. You will not be able to see the actual chart unless you are offline and then only from the Home screen.

download first chart

Select Download Area

Tap Download New Chart button. Then pan and zoom the map to define the area desired. If the selected area is too large you will be asked to zoom in. Larger areas will take longer to download.

offline download areas

Download Multiple Offline Charts

From My Offline Charts screen, tap the Download New Chart button. When selecting the download area for the new chart, the map will show all previous areas you have downloaded.

Update Offline Charts

Update an offline chart by first selecting the desired chart, adjusting the download area, and tapping the Download button. This action will redownload the same area or resized area.

Edit the chart name by tapping the pencil.

update offline charts

Delete Offline Charts

Select the desired chart and tap the Delete button.

You can also tap the in the upper right corner and select Delete All.

offline delete chart