Project Description

You can add a place anywhere on Argo’s map. There’s lots of reasons why you might want to add a place in Argo – you can keep a private log of your favorite anchorages or you can add marinas or restaurants that Argo is missing. Choose whether to keep it private or share it with all Argo users by submitting it to be public.

Open the Report Menu

Tap the Report Pin icon on Argo’s home screen.

Open Menu

Choose Place Pin

From the Report Pin menu, choose the Place Pin Place Pin.

Tap Place Pin

Add Details

Add details about the place. You can add a name, select the type of place, add a description and add photos.

Note: Selecting the category helps us determine which icon to use when showing it on the map (for example Marina or Boat Ramp) if it’s submitted to be public.

Fill Out the Place Info

Choose the Location

By default, Argo will add the place at your current location. To adjust this tap the map icon Map Icon and then choose where on the map you’d like to add the place. Press confirm.

If you change your mind, tap the map icon Map Icon again to choose a different place. Tap on the compass icon Compass Icon to reset it to your current location.

Choose the Place's Location

Make the Place Public or Private

Choose whether to share your place with other Argo boaters.

Leave the “Public Sharing” toggle in the “OFF” position (grey) to keep it private. You’ll be able to see the place on your map, it’ll be saved to your Captain’s Log and you can share it with friends in your social feed. Other Argo boaters won’t see it on their map.

Tap the “Public Sharing” toggle to the “ON” (green) position to recommend the place be public. If the place is approved, it will appear on all Argo boater’s maps and they’ll be able to add photos, reviews and comments.

Choose Public or Private

Edit or Delete Your Places

To edit or delete your place tap on it on the map, expand the preview screen and then tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner. Choose edit or delete.

You can also edit and delete a place using the Captain’s Log using a similar process. Learn more here.

Note: You cannot edit and delete public places.

Edit or Delete Your Places