Users can create and join private and public groups using Argo. Once you’ve joined a group, you can easily see fellow members on the water and share planned routes, trips, places and experiences on your group feed.

Create a Group

Go to Menu and tap Groups. Tap + button in the lower right of the screen and follow the step by step process:

  1. Enter the name and description of the group and then add a profile and cover image.
  2. Indicate if the group is a private or public group. Anyone can join a public group. You must be invited or request to join a private group.
  3. Invite other Argo users to be members
  4. Write a welcome post
create group screens

Manage a Group (Admin only)

Go to My Groups and tap on a group. Here you have various admin functions for the owner or admin of the group:

  • Members and Member Requests – check list of members if public group or check members and member requests if private group.
  • Group Settings – edit name and description of group along with profile and cover image.
  • Leave Group – leave the group if there is another admin assigned to the group.
  • Delete Group – delete the group at anytime.
  • Ban User – ban or unban a user from the group (coming soon)

Join a Group

The Discover tab provides a list of all the private and public groups available on the app. Tap on a group and see basic info about the group and if public a list of the members.

Tap Join if public or Request if private to send a request to the administrator of the group. Once accepted you will see the group under My Groups.

join group screens

View My Groups

The My Groups tab lists all the groups you have created or joined. Tap on the group to see basic info about the group, a list of the members and all the posts from the group

Create your own posts or like and comment on existing posts. Turn notifications from group on or off.

my groups screens

See Fellow Members on the Water

Go to Map Options. Similar to Affiliations you can filter by group to display only those members of the group. Those users belonging to the same group as you will have a green badge on their map profile icon.

Note: A user’s icon is only shown for one hour after they were last active within the Argo.

see boaters on water screen

Share Other Items to a Group

Share not only posts with fellow group members, but now planned routes, trips, places and your location via the Group feed. Specific items you can share include:

  • Routes, Voyages, Tracks, etc. from Captains Log
  • Places from Captain’s Log, My Pins and Main Map
  • Your Current Location (by tapping your location icon)
share with group screen