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Behind Argo

Designed for boaters by a lifelong boater, Argo is both a navigational guide and virtual boating community.

captain Jeff

Argo Navigation founder Jeff Foulk, grew up boating on the Chesapeake Bay…

He was always wondering how to find places to go on the water without relying on word of mouth. Although many apps for navigation and social sharing on land existed, Foulk was consumed by the idea of creating something just for boaters to navigate and connect on the water.

With the support of an experienced development team, Foulk set out to create an app that would help boaters plan their next trip, plot a safe course, get tips from other boaters and share adventures with friends. Until Argo, there was no single app to combine marine navigation with social boating functionality.

Jeff and his girls
Jeff on a pier
Captain Jeff and Flat Jeff out in the boating community
The Argo Painting

Named after the first ship to sail the seas…

The Argo app aims to be the first app to link like-minded boaters on their quest to explore the waters. A dedicated Argo development team is continuously updating the app with new functionality inspired by direct feedback from app users.

We are also building an active boating community within the Argo app, as well as a dedicated Facebook group for the user community, that boaters can turn to for navigation advice, local knowledge, destination reviews, and more.

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