Argo lets you customize the map specifically to your needs. You can change the map type and filter on/off navigation aids/controls, place pins, report pins, depth layer and boater icons.

Initially the map type is set to Standard, the depth layer is turned on, and all controlsbuttons, pins and icons are shown on the map.

Open Map Options

To get to Argo’s map customization options, tap the Map Options Map Filter Icon icon on Argo’s Home screen Home Screen Icon.

open map options

Map Type

Just like on other navigational apps, you can choose from different map types (Standard, Satellite, Terrain or NOAA ENC). Core app functionality is the same across all map types.

If using the Standard map type, you can choose what mode you want – Auto, Day or Night. Using Auto will automatically switch the map to dark mode at night and light mode during the day.

map type


Depth Shading

Tap the Depth Shading color palette to open the Depth Shading screen. From there you can customize the transparency level and color shading to suit your boating preferences! Adjusting the transparency level will allow you to see more of the bottom terrain when in satellite view.

With Premium you can change the default blue colors to your own colors for any desired depth (up to 6 color shadings). For recreational boaters this will help more clearly highlight shallow areas, and for fisherman it will highlight depth contours that you are most interested in.

depth shading how to

Navigation Aids

Choose Navigation Aids from main Map Options screen to filter the buoys & beacons, restricted areas and mile markers that you see on your map.

Toggle to the off position (grey) to hide them from your map.

Note: The Filter Alert Filter Alert Icon will appear on the Map Options icon and next to Navigation Aids if you have Buoys & Beacons or Restricted Areas toggled off.

Learn more about what icons are on your map here.

navigation aids

Navigation Controls

Choose Navigation Controls from main Map Options screen to filter various buttons you see on your map. These include Depth Gauge/Finder, Speedometer, Compass, Scale & Zoom Controls.

Here you can set the Auto Heading Line, which automatically turns on the heading line when you start a voyage or track. To manually toggle the heasing line on/off tap the location indicator on the main map two times, once to bring up the My Location drawer and second time to get toggle the heading line.

You can also set the Auto Recenter, which will automatically recenter your position when you are on a voyage or track and not centered for more than 10 seconds.

controls menu


Choose Depth from the main Map Options screen. You can also get to this screen by tapping the Depth Gauge from the main map.

Here you can remove the depth gauge and depth finder from your map. If you feel it’s too cluttered or you don’t use the depth finder simply filter it off.

The third line gives you control of your depth shading, which can be handy for seeing the bottom terrain in Satellite view. The depth are based on based on data from NOAA, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) and other hydrographic sources.

Lastly, you can decide what unit of measurement you want depth displayed. The example has ‘feet’ selected.

depth menu


Choose Speed from the main Map Options screen. You can also get to this screen by tapping the Speedometer on the main map.

Here you can choose whether you want the speedometer displayed on your map. You can also set the unit of measurement you want the speedometer to display your speed in.

Speed Screen


Choose Places from the main Map Options screen to filter marinas , yacht clubs , boat ramps , restaurants & bars , etc. that you see on your map. Learn more about what icons are on your map here.

places menu

Report Pins

Choose Reports from the main Map Options screen to filter the report pins that you see on your map.

Don’t know what a report pin is? Read our tutorial about Argo’s crowd-sourced reports to learn more.

report menu


Choose Boaters from the main Map Options screen to filter other Argo users on your map. By default all active users are shown so long as they aren’t in private mode. Toggle Friends off to hide your friends’ icons from your map. Toggle Other Boaters off to hide other users’ icons from your map.

You can also use Filter by affiliation to display only those users affiliated with a certain marina and/or club. Those users with the same afffiliation as you will have a green border on their map profile icon.

Note: A user’s icon is only shown for one hour after they were last active within the Argo app. Learn more about who you can see on your map.

boaters menu


Display Multiple Routes/Tracks

Add routes (in gray) and tracks (in white) to the main map so you have them when navigating.  Ideal for a return trip home so you follow the same path or for displaying Bob’s tracks along the ICW.

The routes and tracks listed include those from the last 30 days and any favorited from your Captain’s Log. If there are ones you would like to display that are missing, go to your Captain’s Log and favorite them.

track your voyage