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Argo Premium

The Argo Premium app brings robust new features. Upgrade today and elevate your navigation experience.

Only $19.99 / year

premium weather screen

Download charts and routes anywhere in North America to use offline

7-day marine weather forecast with daily and hourly conditions

Customize the depth shading to suit your boating preferences.

Create a summary of your trips that you can download and share.

Add and manage multiple boats within your profile.

Import and export routes and tracks. 

NEW! Enjoy many of the mobile app features on your desktop or laptop.

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Charts & Routes

Download charts and routes anywhere in North America to use offline if connectivity is lost while on the water. Argo seamlessly goes into offline mode without losing access to critical chart data like depth numbers and navigational aides, eliminating any connectivity concerns on the water. You can also download planned routes so they are available to you on your device.

7-Day Forecast

Weather, Wind, Tides

See an extended 7-day marine weather forecast with daily and hourly conditions that include weather, wind, wave heights and tides. The convenience of having marine weather conditions for any location within the Argo app will help you plan, navigate, and anchor more safely.

  • weather hourly forecast
  • weather daily forecast
  • Choose colors
  • shading on map

Custom Charts

Depth Shading

With Premium you can change the default blue colors to your own colors for any desired depth (up to 6 color shadings). For recreational boaters this will help more clearly highlight shallow areas, and for fisherman it will highlight depth contours that you are most interested in.

Captain’s Log Reports

Share and Download Trip Summaries

You can now create a summary of your trips (voyages, tracks and routes) that you can download as a PDF and/or share via email. Set the periods of time and filter on My Trips, Friends Trips or Favorite Trips to create your own custom Captain’s Log reports!

  • create report
  • share report
  • multiple boats


Multiple Vessels

Add and manage multiple boats within your profile and Captain’s Log. Use for planning trips, taking voyages and recording tracks.


Import/Export GPX Files

Import routes/tracks using standard GPX files and add to the main map. Also export routes/tracks to sync with your chartplotter.

  • Create a route or search
  • Find places and destinations
  • Captain's log is also available and synced on the web app


Web App

Just like on our mobile app, you can now use features like our autorouting and Captain’s Log right from your desktop or laptop.

Look out for these new premium features!

We’re continually adding advanced features to Premium, such as Waypoints, AIS Traffic, and more!

Basic Plan



What’s Included
  • Up-to-date Nautical Charts

  • Chart Customization

  • Auto and Manual Routing

  • Thousands of Points of Interest

  • Crowdsourced Updates & Reviews

  • Captain’s Log

  • Personal Waypoints, Routes and Tracks

  • See & Connect with Other Boaters

  • Share Waypoints, Routes and Tracks

  • Share Experiences



Per Year

What’s Included

  • Web App

  • Offline Charts

  • 7-Day Weather, Wind, Tides

  • Custom Depth Shading

  • Captains Log Reports
  • Favorite Tracks

  • Multiple Vessels

  • Import/Export GPX Files

  • Coming Soon! – Waypoints, AIS Traffic.

Getting Started

How to Upgrade to Argo Premium

It is easy to get started with Argo Premium. Simply download Argo Navigation for FREE from the Apple Store or Google Play. Then activate your premium account in a number of ways:

Main Menu

Tap on the Menu button in the upper right of the main screen, select “Unlock Premium Features” and then tap “UPGRADE NOW”.

Premium Feature Locks

Tap on the lock associated with any Premium feature within the app and then tap “UPGRADE NOW”.