Project Description

Argo’s crowdsourced report pins help you get the most up-to-date information about boating hazards, map issues, sea life and more. Read on to learn about the specific types of report pins and what you can do with them.

What is a Report Pin?

Argo’s crowdsourced report pins serve as markers for a variety of things that you may want to know about. They’ll appear on your map like the ones at right.

If you see a pin on your map, tap on it to view more information.

Report Pin Screen

Create a Report Pin

Please keep in mind that all pins are dropped at your current location.

  1. Open the Report Menu
    Tap on the icon, found in the lower right hand corner of the Home screen .
  2. Create Your Report
    Choose which type of report you’d like to create and then add a photo and some information. Some pins, such as hazard pins, also allow you to specify the type.
  3. Add the Pin to the Map
    Press Save or Create Place, depending on the pin.
report pins

Edit or Delete Your Pins

Note: You can only edit or delete your own pins.

  1. Open Your Report Pin
    Use the map to find your pin and tap on it.
  2. Open the Edit Menu
    Press the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the pin. Select Edit or Delete.
  3. Press Save
Edit or Delete Report Pin 2

Add Likes or Comments to Pins

  1. Open the Report Pin
    Find the pin on the map and tap on it to view its information.
  2. Add Likes, Dislikes and Comments
    Other boaters will be able to see your comments and opinions.
Choose the Place's Location

Filter Report Pins on Your Map

There may be a time when you want to filter the report pins shown on your map so you only see those useful to you. Read more about map customization options.

  1. Open Map Options
    Click the Map Options layers icon icon on Argo’s Home Screen Home Screen Icon.
  2. Choose Which Report Pins to Hide
    Use the toggle to filter the pins on and off. The toggle will show green if that type of pin is visible.

Note: The filter alert Filter Alert Icon appears on the layers icon icon and next to Map Data if you have Buoys & Beacons or Restricted Areas toggled off.

open map options

Removing Outdated or Inaccurate Pins

Giving a pin a dislike helps us find outdated or inaccurate pins to remove.

  • Permanent Pins
    Removed only when they receive a set number of dislikes. Submerged hazards, protruding hazards, map issues, and local advice are permanent pins.
  • Temporary Pins
    Argo automatically removes temporary pins after a set period of time. Floating hazards, weather, police, and sea life are temporary pins.

The Place Pin

The Place pin Filter Alert Icon is used to mark, well, places. It works a bit differently than the other pins.

First, you have the option to keep your Place pin private so that only you can see it on the map. Second, Place pins are automatically saved to your Captain’s Log. Third, you get to choose the location of your Place pin (it’s not automatically dropped at your current pins like the others).

Read more about the Place pin.