With thousands of five-star reviews and new features coming soon, Argo gets a boost as “App of the Day” on Apple’s App Store

With boating season heating up, we’re excited to announce that Apple’s App Store is featuring Argo – social boating and navigation app as its “App of the Day”!

If you haven’t downloaded Argo already, make sure to head over to the App Store today! Argo can elevate your boating experience with autorouting, local knowledge, customizable charts, Captain’s Logs, and much more, with more features coming soon. To get even more out of the Argo experience, users can also sign up for Premium for just $19.99/year.

With thousands of five-star reviews and a viral TikTok video, Argo has quickly become the go-to app for boating enthusiasts everywhere. Here are just a few of the reviews boaters have given Argo:

“Best Navigation app!! Should be downloaded by every boater. By far the best marine app on the market.”

“I love everything about this app. Great for trip planning!”

“This app is just amazing and so easy to use! It’s like Waze but for boats. Love this app so much!”

As the “Waze for boaters,” Argo offers a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance your boating adventures. Here are just a few features that make Argo exceptional:

Seamless Navigation

Argo’s powerful navigation capabilities stand out among marine apps. Say goodbye to outdated paper charts and cumbersome GPS devices. Argo’s advanced navigation system provides real-time GPS tracking, route planning, and reliable marine charts. You can easily mark waypoints, track your progress, and ensure a safe and efficient journey on the water. With Argo, you’ll never have to worry about getting lost or missing out on hidden gems along your route.

Social Boating Community

Argo goes beyond navigation by fostering a vibrant social community of boating enthusiasts. Connect with fellow boaters, share experiences, and discover new destinations together. The app’s intuitive interface allows you to browse user-generated content, including friend’s posts, photos, reviews, and tips. Whether you’re seeking recommendations for marinas, restaurants, or picturesque anchorages, Argo’s community has you covered.

Upgrade to Premium

While Argo offers an impressive range of features in its free version, upgrading to the Premium level unlocks even more possibilities. For just $19.99 a year, Premium subscribers gain access to exclusive features such as advanced marine weather updates, offline charts, custom depth shading and Captain’s Log Reports. The Premium subscription is sure to enhance your boating experience and ensure you have all the tools at your disposal to navigate safely and with confidence.

Exciting Updates

We’re committed to making Argo the best-in-class app for navigation and social boating so we’re always looking for new ways to innovate and improve the app. We have exciting additions to the app, including a new quick route feature (just added), importing/exporting GPX tracks/routes, multiple boats and waypoints, plus a new desktop version! By investing in Argo today, you’ll not only benefit from its current impressive feature set but also gain access to the cutting-edge tools and functionalities that lie ahead.

Boating enthusiasts have given Argo the nickname “Waze for boaters” for good reason. With its seamless navigation, robust social community, and affordable Premium subscription, Argo is revolutionizing the boating experience. Join the thousands of boating enthusiasts who have downloaded the app and unleashed their boating adventures. Don’t miss out on this featured app—grab your smartphone, head to the App Store, and set sail with Argo today!

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