Argo makes it easy for boaters to just enter coordinates and quickly navigate to find friends or new places on the water

Recreational boating is a very social activity. While we all appreciate times of solitude on the boat, meeting up with friends can make the boating experience even better. 

In addition to navigation features, Argo has created many in-app social features – like seeing boaters on the water, messaging or sharing experiences in the social feed – to make it easier to socialize with your friends. You can tap into Argo to help you meet for a raft-up, grab dinner together at a waterfront restaurant or plan a boat trip together. Best of all, all our social features are designed to work really well with the navigation features

Kevin, a Maryland boater and Argo Captain Ambassador, shares his story about how he uses Argo’s coordinate routing to easily navigate to a friend’s location on the water. 

Kevin’s Argo Story

Kevin and his wife have a 2021 Sportsman 231 Heritage named Kaptain Kermit. They boat out of Soloman’s Island in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay.

We asked Kevin to share a quick story about a trip or time he used Argo and how it helped make his boating experience better.

So my wife and I were out boating and friends of ours were also out on their boat. They  wanted to meet at a nearby restaurant on the water we had never been to before. 

Our friends shared their navigation coordinates and we put them in the Argo app. I entered the coordinates in autorouting, the location came up right away, we hit “start voyage” and off we went. It created a direct route to the restaurant to meet up with our friends perfectly. Thanks Argo for making a great app!

Favorite App Features 

Kevin has been using Argo for about 18 months and says his favorite features are Depth Charts and the UI (user interface). 

What does Kevin love most about boating? Simply put, “We love it all!”

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