With an array of features like depth information, fuel estimates, and auto-routing, “Waze for boating” helps Eric R. on Chesapeake Bay boating adventures

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Eric R. took family trips on the many beautiful lakes the Keystone State has to offer. After moving to Maryland, Eric decided to purchase a boat and get into the Chesapeake Bay boating scene to explore its expansive waterways. But with little knowledge of the Bay, it was intimidating to bring his new boat out on waters he was unfamiliar with. 

That’s when he found Argo. 

Eric downloaded Argo and took his maiden voyage to Tolchester, realizing that navigating with Argo was simple and allowed him to explore all the Bay has to offer. After using Argo just once, he knew he had found a vital tool for all of his boating adventures.

Argo was a game-changer and helped Eric understand the Bay, melting many of his fears away and giving him peace of mind that he could boat safely in an unfamiliar area. After utilizing the app, he found that it lived up to its promise of being “Waze for boating.”

Chesapeake Bay near Tolchester

Eric R. navigates his way to Tolchester on the Chesapeake Bay.  

As a novice on the Bay, Argo quickly became an invaluable resource on the water that Eric couldn’t go without. Eric’s checklist became: life jackets, fuel, sunscreen, and Argo. The app analyzes various factors such as depth, hazards, and manmade features, which offered safe and reliable routes, giving Eric the confidence to explore the Bay’s many wonders.

The accurate time and fuel estimates were especially helpful in eliminating uncertainty and allowing Eric to efficiently plan trips. To this day, Argo remains an integral part of Eric’s trip-planning routine. Whether curious about the duration of a journey or seeking a conservative route estimate, Argo consistently delivers the information he needs.

The Argo app transformed his Chesapeake Bay boating experience from intimidation to confidence. With its precise routes, accurate time and fuel estimates, and seamless trip planning capabilities, Argo has become Eric’s trusted companion on the water. Thanks to the “Waze for boaters,” he can now embrace the adventure and beauty of the Chesapeake Bay with peace of mind.

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