Boaters can use these three ideas to save boat fuel using the Argo boating app for navigation and boat trip planning

With fuel prices at record levels these days, many boaters are feeling the pain at the pump. Boats are notoriously inefficient – burning 1 gallon of gas per mile on average.

Although we can’t help with the cost of fuel for your boat, we can offer a few ways using the Argo boating app can help you maximize fuel usage on your boat trips.

Here are 3 ways the Argo boating app can help you save on boat fuel.

preview autoroute1. Plan Direct Routes

Argo’s autorouting feature will automatically create a safe route for you based on your boat’s draft in your profile. Within seconds it will create a color-coded route based on your draft/buffer and the water depth. But did you know that this is also the fastest route?

Argo’s autoroute will create the most direct route that will save you time and miles on the water. Taking more direct routes will help you burn less fuel on the water.

2. Know Fuel Use Before Trips

Argo’s routes also include important information like trip distance, duration, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and fuel usage. Knowing how long it will take you to get to your destination and how much fuel you’ll need will help you decide if the trip is worth the amount of fuel you’ll use.

3. Record Tracks for Quick Returns

Not sure exactly where you want to go, but want an easy way to get back? You can let Argo record your track without having to start a voyage and get trip information along the way, such as time, distance, average speed and estimated fuel used. You can then save your track and trip information to your Captain’s Log for an easy return trip.

These quick and easy returns with the Record Track feature will help you maximize your fuel usage on the water.

Bonus Tip: Follow the Tides

It’s a well known fact that if boats follow the tide going in (as opposed to going out), you’ll “coast more”, go faster and make better time. Of course this also means that you’ll use less fuel because you will spend less time cruising to your destination.

Argo’s new Premium app version includes weather, wind and tide information that you can know when the high and low tides are within your navigation app and plan boat trips better. Argo’s Premium version (available as an upgrade) also includes offline charts, custom depth shading, Captain’s Log reports and more features that will continue to be added.

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