Argo is helping Lori P. navigate The Great Loop with ease

Before she began her journey navigating The Great Loop with Argo, Lori’s obsession with boating started at a young age. Growing up in Massachusetts, she would idolize the sailors and watch them race, hoping that she would one day be out on the water like them. Now, she’s living her dream aboard “Pickette’s Pub,” a 2002 Great Harbour N37.

We caught up with Lori, who is now two-thirds of the way around the loop, to share more about how Argo has helped her on the water.

Argo: How did you first get into boating? 

Lori P: When I was in high school I rode my bike to a nearby lake in Massachusetts to watch the sailboat races and decided I’d save up my money working at a neighborhood corner store to buy one. My dad realized I’d never be able to save up enough and “helped out.” That was the start of my sailing/boating addiction.

A: You’re called a “Looper.” Can you explain what the means? 

LP: American Great Lakes Cruisers Association (AGLCA) is an organization dedicated to helping people who are interested in or currently doing what’s called “The Great Loop” (see the map below). Thus, we are called “Loopers.” It’s a 6,000-mile adventure of a lifetime! The friends we’ve made on this trip are sure to last just as long.

A: When did you first learn about Argo, and how has the app enhanced your boating experience?

LP: There are three “rendezvous” gatherings a year; winter, spring and fall. Each has two different sessions; “Looping 101” for people interested in learning more about it and “Route Session” for those currently underway to learn from others best practices etc. It was at one of those meetings where I was first introduced to Argo. I use it to not only plot out our route but to research different marinas.

A: Do you have a favorite story of using Argo?

LP: We were on the East coast and my husband had planned out a route using (gasp) a different route planning app. I had done the same and when we compared the two, Argo saved us over four hours of travel time! When we’re route planning, I now get asked “well, what does Argo say?” 

“Pickette’s Pub” passes the Statue of Liberty

A: Do you have any upcoming adventures planned?

LP: We’ve completed about two-thirds of our Loop and the next adventure we have planned is a trip to the Bahamas. After that is yet to be determined. Regardless, Argo will surely play an active role wherever we go!



Going on an adventure like The Great Loop, or maybe just down to your local waterway? Make sure to download Argo today to enhance your navigation and social boating experience!

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