Now you can see more boaters on the water by your affiliations and friends

Boating is better together! In that spirit, we’re making it even easier to see more boaters on the water!

Whether you are looking to meet up with friends at a raft up, or want to follow along with your yacht club, Argo gives you the ability to see the groups of boaters you want to see on the water.

Here’s a quick recap of ways you can see friends, affiliations, and other Argo users on your map.

See Other Boaters on Your Map

When you open your map you’ll see lots of other Argo users too!

  • Friends will show up with a profile picture
  • Other boaters will show up with a captain’s hat

Tap on their icon to pull up more information to see their name, boat name (if available) and send them a Message or Ahoy.

How much info you can see depends on the privacy settings selected by each boater.

In our latest release we are now displaying more boaters on the water and it refreshes as you move the map. You’ll now see up to 100 boaters (50 friends and 50 non-friends) based on the position of the map. Move the map and wait 5 seconds and it should refresh.


Filter by Affiliations

Adding affiliations to your boater profile gives you the ability to see other boaters on your map you might be affiliated with, such as:

  • Marinas
  • Yacht Clubs
  • Poker Runs

You can use filter by affiliation to display only those users with the same affiliation as you. Those users will have a green border on their map profile icon.

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