Argo had a spectacular 2023 and we have exciting things coming in 2024!

Every year Argo seems to grow by leaps & bounds…but this past year was unlike any other! We’re so thankful you chose to rely on Argo for your voyages.

From going viral to rolling out some major updates to the app, here’s a look back at our amazing journey in 2023. And be sure to read through to the end for a preview of what we’re working on for next year!

Our Boating Community QUADRUPLED!

Never did we expect to become a viral TikTok sensation!

It all started when Captain Jeff’s daughter posted an innocent video clip on TikTok of him trying to hand out flyers at the Chicago Boat Show in January. Her plea to “help blow up my dads boating app” resulted in…


Captain Jeff’s story was featured in national, international, and local TV, as well as print publications across the country!

Blow it up they did. And most importantly, boaters everywhere discovered Argo for the first time.

In the past year, our downloads have soared from just over 100,000 to nearly 420,000. Some of this was a result of the app going viral in January, but even after going viral, Argo continued to gain a strong following among new an experienced boaters.

Argo is Apple's App of the Day

We Topped the Charts

Argo grew so fast in 2023 that we hit #1 on the charts for navigation apps, beating Google Maps & Waze!

Argo was also named “App of the Day“on the Apple App Store – a coveted recognition for mobile apps!

If you’ve been with us from the start, thank you for continuing with us on this journey. And if you are new to Argo, WELCOME ABOARD!

New Navigation Features

Throughout 2023 we continued to release frequent updates with enhanced navigation features, many of which were based on your feedback, so thank you!

These new features & enhancements include:

  • Premium Upgrade: 6 cool new features. See below.
  • Routing Improvements: press & hold for quick route, inside or outside route, bridge clearances/warnings, edit boat while creating route, lock starting point, enter street address, enter coordinates using any format
  • Voyage/Track Recording Improvements: hide lower bar to see more map, auto heading line, auto recentering
  • Captain’s Log Improvements: update routes for new boat info or different boat
  • Search Improvements: more categories (places and amenities), search multiple categories
  • Report/Place pin improvements: easier to add, edit, delete and share; added Dock Bars, added No Wake Zone Pins, added SOS Pins/Emergency Call List
  • Share My Location: easily share your lat/lon
  • Navigation Aid Updates: added Canadian buoys/beacons, added NY Canal info, added NOAA lights data, added NOAA/USACE mile markers
  • Miscellaneous: units settings, electric power, customized GPS format

Premium Features Expanded

The value of a Premium subscription continues to grow! A year ago we only offered downloadable Offline Charts in case connectivity is lost while on the water, and an extended 7-day Marine Weather forecast with daily and hourly conditions for weather, wind, wave height and tides.

This year we built out our Premium version, giving boaters many more advanced features for just $19.99 per year.

Now we’ve added these additional 6 features:

We look forward to more boaters experiencing Premium in 2024!

Coming in 2024

Argo’s development team is working hard to bring you even more in 2024!

Some of the new features & enhancements you can expect to see released next year include:

  • Heading Info
  • Waypoints for Autoroutes
  • N2K Integration
  • Improved Offline Capability
  • Weather Overlays

Happy New Year from all of us at Argo. Thank you for taking us on your boating adventures!

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