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His goal for years, was to promote his boater navigation app and now he’s navigating a whole new wave of success. The success is all thanks to a viral TikTok post by his daughter Megan that’s new now moving through millions of phone screens and hearts. The seconds-long video was an honest snapshot of the father chasing his dream that would birth a dream itself.


A Harford County man’s boating app is cruising to a new level of success after a little help from his daughter and a whole lot of TikTok users. It took just 12 seconds for millions of people to see Jeff Foulk’s hard work. The Havre de Grace business owner has been trying to get the word out about his boat navigation app for three years. So, his daughter spread the word to more than 20 million people on TikTok.


One man’s marine navigation app is riding a new wave of success. This all comes after his daughter posted a 12-second TikTok video of her father Jeff Foulk at a boat show in Chicago. No one was taking the time to look at his flyer in person, but online, those 12 seconds have been seen by almost 23 million people. A sad dad is no fun. But to Megan Foulk, 20, her dad’s sadness proved to be a business opportunity.

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