Argo’s latest release version 1.35.1 includes new location settings, depth gauge visibility, speed display and more enhancements

A new release of the Argo app just hit the App Store and Google Play (week of November 17, 2021) that includes several enhancements.

Some of the updates in this release are smaller enhancements, but we wanted you to be aware of the continuous improvements we’re making to ensure Argo is the easiest boating app to use!

Here’s a round-up of the new app enhancements.

What’s New

Location Settings – we’ve made it clearer why Argo requests access to your location when the app is running in the background. Note this is only used when you are on a voyage to keep an accurate track.

Depth Gauge Visibility – we’ve improved the depth gauge visibility by increasing the size of the depth number.

Speed Display – a decimal point has been added to the speed dial for more accurate speed display – especially important for sail boaters.

Favorites – favorites are now listed alphabetically for easier review and selection of a favorite place for routing.

Log-in Reminders – we’ve updated messaging if you are not logged into the app to let you know if there is a feature that requires you to log in.

Global Posts – we fixed some issues we’ve had with in-app announcements (or “global posts”) so that we can post occasional important updates in your social feed. We’ll be testing this more in the weeks ahead to make sure we got it right.

Make sure you have our most recent app version 1.35.1 to enjoy all the latest features on the Argo boating app. Set your device to update apps automatically or go to Argo in the App Store or Google Play and hit update!

quick tip Quick Tip:

To check what version of the app you have installed on your device, tap on the feedback button in the lower left of the main screen and scroll to the bottom. If it’s not there you have an old version and need to go to the App Store or Google Play to update the app.

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