Boaters can Boat Better Together with boat or yacht club members on the Argo  boating app

From planning next season’s boat trips to seeing more club members on the water, Argo is even better when groups of boaters are connected.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from getting your boat or yacht club on board with using Argo for navigation & social boating.

Find Boaters Affiliated with Your Marina or Club

Connect with other Argo boaters from the same marina or yacht club affiliation by adding affiliations to your Argo profile.

Simply search for your affiliation (marina or yacht club) and add it to your profile. Then, when you or a fellow club member searches for friends on Argo you can select that affiliation as a filter in the search.
friends club affiliation

Not seeing club members on Argo yet? You can invite them to join Argo and then send them a friend request. The more club members you have on Argo as friends the more you can share voyages & experiences on the water. Remind them to also add your yacht club affiliation to their profile!

Plan & Share Boat Trips

Plan a voyage, or save a favorite past voyage, and then share it to your social feed on the Argo app. Fellow yacht club members (friends) can then view the voyage and save it to their log.

To share a voyage, press the Share button and select Create a Post.

share voyage social feed

See Yacht Club Members on the Water

Explore the map to see other yacht club members on the water. If you are connected as friends then you’ll see their profile picture on your map.

Tap on their profile picture boater profile picture to see their name, boat name (if available) and send them a Message or Ahoy.

see friends on water

quick tipCruising together with your yacht club and want to see the ETA of your friends/members when enroute? Just have them turn on their ETA Sharing within User Location Settings. You can also see their profile pictures on the map to know where they are on the water.

captain jeff meetingsInvite Captain Jeff to Your Next Yacht Club Meeting!

Captain Jeff, Argo’s founder, has presented at many yacht & boat club meetings to demo Argo and answer questions about how to use the app. He is available for in-person meetings in the Chesapeake Bay area, or virtually anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Send Captain Jeff an email to invite him to your next meeting!

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