New boaters relied on the Argo app to help them safely navigate their boat back to their home port when fog rolled in

Whether you are an experienced boater or new to boating, when unexpected weather like fog or rain rolls in it can get quite disconcerting on the water. Visibility issues can test even the most seasoned captains. Coastlines can look very different and navigational markers can be difficult to see in the distance.

Many boaters tell us that having the Argo navigation app installed on their device provides an extra sense of security when boating in unfamiliar areas or when they are faced with bad weather conditions on the water. Argo’s charts include depth numbers, buoys, beacons and other navigational markers that help guide boaters on safe routes.

Dustin, an Argo boater, recently reached out to us to share his story about how Argo helped him navigate safely during an unexpected bad weather situation. Dustin and his wife are relatively new boaters who boat in the ocean just off the coast of California.

“My wife and I are novice boaters, still learning. Yesterday we were between Los Angeles and Catalina island when a heavy fog moved in suddenly. We lost all visibility and quickly got turned around.

Luckily I had Argo Nav installed on my phone. I set a course back to our marina and the app guided us there safely. Thank you so much for this extremely useful app. Without it we may have been in bad shape.”

We’re so glad to hear that Argo was able to help Dustin safely navigate back to his marina!

quick tip Quick Tips:

Here are a few quick tips if you ever find yourself in a similar bad weather situation:

  • Open your Argo app and quickly create an Autoroute by simply selecting your destination.
  • Having your Home Port saved to your boater profile makes it even easier to route to your home marina.
  • Always share your float plan with someone ahead of time, share any changes in your plans and have necessary safety gear on board at all times.


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