Meet our newest Argo Ambassadors, couple Chris & Danielle who liveaboard their sailboat

Argo Ambassadors Chris & Danielle are embarking on a new adventure as liveaboard sailboaters traversing the ICW and planning a future trip to the Caribbean. What started out as a hobby eventually became their full-time living situation and they now share their journey on social media, along with great everyday recipes for folks living on their boat. We recently caught up with Chris & Danielle about their experiences on the water and how much they enjoy using Argo.

Argo: What is your background and how did you and Danielle get into boating?

Chris Does What: I (Chris) got inspired by a friend to live and travel on a sailboat 10 years ago. Sadly my friend never realized his dream. After his passing, we decided life was too short and dove in head first. Five years ago we bought our first boat that we restored together. Five years later we purchased our current sailboat. Both Army veterans, who would’ve thought we would be liveaboard sailors? We sure didn’t!

A: What piqued your interest in sharing your boating experiences on social media?

CDW: We started with YouTube as a hobby while working in corporate America as a project manager. It first started with little DIYs I was doing. Fast forward to now and we no longer work in corporate land. We live life at a different pace, sharing our adventures along the way. We found it much more fulfilling, hoping to help and inspire others along the way.

A: How long have you been living aboard your boat, and what is the name of your boat?

CDW: We have lived aboard our Hunter 410 named Agua Azul for six months. Our first boat’s name was Big Dreams. That vessel now has a new home with a grandpa and his grandkids. 

A: What has been your favorite adventure on the water to date? Any funny stories from your time on the water?

CDW: Our favorite adventure was taking our sons out on the first boat we restored. The funny story is, the first time we took Agua Azul out, we sailed into a crab pot and had engine problems, the mainsail got hung up…and yet, we still had a great time. It’s hard to have a bad time out on the water!

Chris & Danielle with their boat, Agua Azul, in the background.

A: When did you first learn about Argo and where do you typically use the app? 

CDW:  We learned of Argo from a search of the app store. After using Navionics, Savvy Navvy, and i-Boating, we found the self-routing of Argo easier on the ICW. Argo and Waterway Guide work great together around the US, and we’re looking forward to expanded maps and data in Argo as it grows.

A: How has Argo enhanced your boating experience? What is your favorite feature? 

CDW: The one-click routing is our favorite feature making it easier to navigate the ICW. 

A: What is your favorite story of using Argo?

CDW: It just works well, which is difficult to say about every app. We have a draft of 6.4 feet and have not grounded yet because of Argo’s data.

A: Do you have any upcoming excursions planned? Are there any Argo features you will use to plan your journey?

CDW: Still working out if we go North up the East Coast, or past Tampa to the Great Loop. More bridge information will help out greatly as we prepare to hide from hurricanes.

A: Where can Argo boaters follow you on social media?

CDW: We can be found on most social media channels, but mainly on our YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also find us on our website at We’re glad to be part of the Argo team and hope to link up with many Argo users out on the water!


Want to become an Argo Ambassador like Chris & Danielle? Get in touch with us here.

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