A look back at some of our biggest updates for Argo in 2021

This has been a BIG year for Argo, not only in terms of the number of new boaters choosing Argo, but also how much the Argo app has improved!

Argo App Growth

Since our initial launch 2 years ago in September 2019, Argo has experienced tremendous growth in popularity! We hit 25,000 downloads in May 2021 and then in just 6 months we doubled to 50,000 users in November 2021!

argo growth chart

If you’ve been with us from the start, thank you for continuing with us on this journey. And if you are new to Argo, WELCOME ABOARD!

New Navigation Features

Throughout 2021 we continued to release frequent updates to the Argo app with enhanced navigation features – many based on direct boater feedback!

In 2021, boaters went on 38,377 voyages using the Argo app!

Argo boating depth layer

Our biggest update this year was the new Argo Depth Layer featuring depth numbers and color gradients highlighting both shallow and deep water using data from both NOAA and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE).

Other new navigation features & enhancements this year included:

New Social Boating Features

Argo continues to improve on its mission to Boat Better Together with new social boating enhancements!

In 2021, boaters sent out 1,197 friend requests, added 517 place reviews and made 318 social posts using the Argo app!

see friends

New social boating features & enhancements this year included:

And you can expect even more exciting new features from Argo in 2022!

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