Argo navigation & social boating app expands its boater community with 50,000 app downloads

Argo Navigation announces a new milestone of 50,000 users across the U.S. and Canada who rely on Argo’s innovative, easy-to-use free app for navigation and social boating to improve their experience on the water.

Since its initial launch 2 years ago in September 2019, Argo has experienced tremendous growth in popularity growing to 25,000 in May 2021, and then doubling to 50,000 users in less than 6 months. Argo’s growth is attributed to its ease of use, positive user ratings & reviews, accelerated marketing efforts and word of mouth from loyal app users.

Boaters use the Argo app to plan and take trips with routing based on a boat’s draft and depth data, making navigation safer and easier. Boaters can also connect with friends on the water and tap into crowdsourced local boating knowledge, navigation advice, destination reviews and more.

“We are seeing both new and seasoned boaters on waterways from New England to Florida and throughout the Great Lakes & Canada regions choosing our app for navigation and improved social connections on the water,” says Jeff Foulk, founder of Argo Navigation. “Argo intends to always offer boaters a robust free version of our app, but we will soon expand to offer more premium features and integration of value-added partner services for our active boater community.”

Argo continues to release frequent updates to the app with enhanced navigation and social features for boaters. Recent updates include adding a new depth layer with NOAA/USACE data, color-coded routes for safety, autorouting on inland lakes, marina & yacht club affiliations, ETA sharing while enroute, estimated fuel usage, more detailed voyage data in the Captain’s Log, and improved search capability to locate popular destinations and other boaters in your area.

Argo is available to download for free for phone or tablet on the App Store or Google Play.

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