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1. Search

Search for a place to read reviews from other boaters, create a route, save it to your Captain’s Log, and more.

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Autoroute Icon

2. Routing

Use Autoroute to let Argo create a route that’s customized to your boat’s draft. Or manually plot your route.

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Notifications Icon

3. Notifications

Notifications about friend requests, Ahoys as well as likes/comments on both your social feed posts and report pins.

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Map Filter Icon4. Map Options

Customize Argo’s map to fit your needs. Filter out various report pins, map data, etc.

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5. Settings

Tap this icon to open your profile, sign out, or view tutorials.

Profile Icon6. Profile

Add a profile photo, your boat info, your affiliations and set up your interests.

7. Current Depth

Shows the depth at your current location. You can also view depth using various map options.

Find Depth Icon8. Depth Finder

Tap this icon and then tap anywhere on the map to reveal the depth at that location.

9. Map Data

Learn more about the different types of buoys, beacons, and location icons on your map.

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Compass Icon

10. Recenter Map

Tap this icon to center the map on your current location.

11. Depth Layer

Displays depth numbers and color gradients on Google map views (Standard, Satellite and Terrain).

Report Pin12. Report Pins

Tap on a report pin to get updates on hazards and more. Learn how to add a report pin below.

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13. Friends

Go to the Friends tab to invite contacts, add friends, and accept friend requests.

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14. Messages

Connect with friends on and off the water by sending messages or an Ahoy.

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Home Screen Icon

15. Home

Press this icon to return to the map screen.

16. Social Feed

Share photos, voyages, favorite places and more with your friends.

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17. Captain’s Log

View all of your previous voyages and places visited. Add photos and comments.

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18. Feedback

Send feedback to the Argo team. Let us know what you like, if something’s not working properly, etc.

19. Scale

Displays the distance scale of the map in nautical miles, statute miles or kilometers.

20. Location Indicator

Shows your current location.  Tap on it to toggle a heading line on and off.

21. Compass

Indicates north and tap on it to change map orientation from North Up to Course Up.

22. Speed

Displays your current speed in knots, mph or kph.

23. Fellow Boaters

See friends and fellow boaters on the water.

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24. Reviews

Leave reviews for marinas, restaurants, dock bars, and more.

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