Delivery to delivery and boat show to boat show, Captain Boomies uses Argo to meet up with friends and navigate safely from point A to point B

Argo Ambassador Captain Boomies is a marine social media influencer with extensive experience in nautical navigation. She spent 10 years working aboard yachts and has sailed all over the world. She loves sharing her knowledge of boating with others via her social media channels, fun YouTube videos, and her website,

The Argo team grabbed a few minutes out of her busy schedule to talk about how she puts the app to good use.

Argo: How did you get into the world of boating and social media?

Captain Boomies: I have very salty opinions about all things floating, and I don’t always get to express them to as many people as I want when I’m just out driving boats, so I decided to make videos where I could yell at lots of people about boating. 

Argo: When did you first learn about Argo and where do you typically use the app? 

CB: I first learned about Argo at a boat show and I was very pleased to see that I already had a boating friend on the app when I started using it. We immediately started planning raft-ups and leaving pins on the chart for epic boating weekends and parties on the water. 

Captain Boomies Yacht

Captain Boomies likes big boats and she cannot lie!

A: How has Argo enhanced your boating experience? What is your favorite feature? 

CB: I use Argo as a backup to whatever other navigation is available to me. I do a lot of boat deliveries and I never know when the last time the chart plotter was updated or if it even works at all, so it’s a really convenient way to have backup in my hand. My favorite feature is being able to see my friends out on the water. We have such a great time meeting up at anchorages and cruising through new areas with friends. 

A: What is your favorite story of using Argo?

CB: I was recently delivering an older yacht to a marina that I hadn’t been to and I was concerned about the approach. I didn’t trust the available chart plotter so I pulled up my Argo app to take a closer look. When I did I saw my boating buddy was at the marina I was heading to! So I just called him up and asked for some tips on getting through the skinny part of the approach channel. Then he watched my dot on the app get closer and he showed up to help catch my dock lines!

A: Do you have any upcoming excursions planned? Are there any Argo features you will use to plan your journey?

CB: Lots more deliveries on the horizon. I’m trying to get someone to let me test out a foiling power boat, but I’m worried they’ll see my videos and think I’m too excitable to drive one. 

A: Where can Argo boaters follow you on social media?

CB: Everywhere @captainboomies (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok)


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